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Are you ready to have a whole new website and want the best website design Poole can offer? South Coast Web is the perfect choice. We offer design, development, ecommerce and SEO all to the highest standard. Call us on 01202 665855 to speak to one of our friendly team and to find out more about our services.


Best Website Design Poole Can Offer

South Coast Web are an affordable company, with high standards when it comes to websites. We work in close partnership with all our clients to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with our service. Our team is very friendly and are all qualified to give you the best website design in Poole.
The internet is soaring, with 85% of customers searching for local business’ online so a great website is a must have. A lot of people go by visuals, something may offer a great service, but customers won’t stick around to find out if it isn’t visually appealing, which is where website design comes in. We can make you stand out from the crowd and have a busy website.

Website design goes hand in hand with website development. Our development team can make your website or ecommerce system and then send it straight over to design to give you the full, complete product. We offer bespoke web design to ensure that your website looks great and is user friendly. Our location is based in Poole so not only do we give the best website design Poole can offer by skill, we are local and can easily meet face to face with our clients which makes us a good choice.


Website Design Poole Packages

South Coast Web offers 4 great packages to suit you:Website Design Poole

• 1 Page Brochure Website
• Up to 10 Page Brochure Website
• Up to 20 Page Brochure Website
• Unlimited Brochure Website

Each package offers:

• Content management. The top 3 tiers you have the option of updating yourself once completed.
• Your website is individually designed to how you want it.
• A secure contact page including find us option.
• 1 year’s free web hosting.
• A free domain of your choice.

You get 2 services free! It is also important to remember that if you can’t find the service or package for you, simply get in touch as all of our services can be tailored to suit your business requirements.


What Technologies do we use?

• HTML5 – hypertext Mark-up Language, this is the system used to create colour, font, graphic and hyperlinks by tagging text files. 5 is the latest version.
• CSS3 – Cascading Style Sheets, brings new layouts such as: multi-columns, flexible box and grid layouts. It aims at extending CSS2.1
• PHP – Hypertext Pre-processor, one of our main programming languages used for multi-purpose. It can be embedded in HTML and is responsible for allowing the viewer to access the website and see content before everything else is loaded.
• JavaScript – Another main programming code. Mainly used to create interactive effects within web browsers, it helps to add functionality.
• SQL – This is responsible for storing data and is used commonly in our e-commerce websites. When an account is created, the computer stores the information, so you can access the login information again. SQL is responsible for this.

All our designers and developers use these technologies to give you an effective website to create revenue.


The Best Mobile Friendly Website Design Poole Has Available

Mobile phones have become another body part to the modern-day era. 5 billion people in the world now have a mobile phone connection and are actively using it. People rarely leave the house without one and they are used to browse the internet on the go. Mobiles now lead desktops in usage for the internet. This makes websites being mobile friendly very important. We will never let a website go live unless it is mobile compatible as we want your website to succeed. Having websites mobile friendly including e-commerce, means that customers can browse your website on the go. This results in products being bought throughout of the day wherever people are, resulting in more revenue for your business.


Contact South Coast Web

South Coast Web are available on the line – 01202 665855 within our opening hours. We are always happy to help you with any questions you may have and to update you on the progress of your website.