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To get far in business, you need a great online presence to reach as many customers as possible. To achieve this, your website should look great and be user-friendly whilst showcasing your business. If you live in Ringwood and surrounding areas, our web design Ringwood services can ensure that you receive a professional website. Call us on 01202 665855 for a full scope and quote for your website.

Professional Web Design Ringwood Services

With most industries having many competitors with an online presence, it’s imperative that your website stands out from your competitors with features that are professional and eye-catching. In order to receive an outstanding website, you should seek out a professional web design agency to incorporate the latest trends for your industry. Here at southcoastweb, we can provide web design Ringwood services that stand out from other web design agencies with our innovative approach to web design. You will receive a fully functioning website that is mobile friendly and hosted on our servers with a fantastic service from our team that are always ready to assist you.

Web Design Trends for Ringwood in 2023

With each year, web design trends are changing, and you want a web design agency that is adaptable to these changes to ensure that your website has an effective presence. Each industry has different trends that are suitable for them; if you’re a company in Ringwood and surrounding areas, then some of these trends may be great for your website:

  • Black and White Palettes – Colour is an important aspect of a website and it cultivates mood and perceives how we view things. When colour is absent, we see things in a different light. White is reserved and black is strong, combine these two together without any colours, and shapes and information become bolder and more noticeable. This gives a professional look and helps your information and images stand out to users.
  • Bright and Vibrant Colours – The opposite of black and white palettes. If your business is cool, quirky or fun like a fashion company, then bright colours would be good for you. Eyes are naturally drawn to bright colours and users stay on websites that have a bright colour theme throughout as it can represent a company image well.
  • Videos – Videos that run in the background and don’t distract from onsite content and portray your product or service in the first few seconds is becoming a popular trend. It’s preferable that this video is effective without sound as many users browse on the go without sound.
  • Natural, Organic Shapes – Organic shapes are naturally imperfect which can add depth to an image. Web designs that portray imperfection and asymmetry can portray spontaneity which can become eye-catching and make web designs feel human.
  • MicroInteractions – Micro-interactions are becoming an important feature of websites. When the website responds to an action that you make on the page, it becomes more inviting and users like to explore other instances on the website when it interacts to their action on the page. It also makes the website seem more intelligent, thus making the company behind it seem reputable.
  • Minimalism – Many designers cram in numerous features onto one page which can confuse the user as they don’t know where to look or where to click, this also slows down the loading speed which can cause a user to click off your website. A minimal approach which clearly displays information and shows the user where to navigate to is a simple but effective approach.
  • Thumb-Friendly Navigation – With mobile-first being the must-have approach to websites now, it’s important that web design trends accommodate the mobile scrolling. This is where thumb-friendly navigation comes into play; having menus towards the bottom of the page where users scroll with their thumb is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

There are so many different web design trends that are coming and going. Our designers at southcoastweb are always adapting themselves and have the relevant skills and experience to incorporate designs that are perfect for your company. Using our web design Ringwood services will give you access to designers that will create the website of your dreams.

Using our Web Design in Ringwood

If you live in Ringwood or surrounding areas, then you’re very close to our Poole office. We can come to you to discuss our web design Ringwood services that we can offer you or, alternatively we can discuss your project over the phone or at a location of your choice. You won’t find a friendlier or skilled web design team that offers web design services to Ringwood. Call us on 01202 665855 for more information.

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