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The web design process consists of the following:

  • Initial consultation – We speak direct with customer in plain English to ascertain requirements and explain the web design process
  • Preference request from customer – This stage is where we will request from the customer 2-3 existing websites that they like the look of. We will then use these sites to develop an initial web design for the customer to approve
  • Initial design consultation – Once the initial web design has been put together we communicate with the customer to obtain feedback and change requests
  • Consequent web design of the look and feel of the site – This stage can be anything from one phone call through to a series of calls and emails until the customer is happy with the web design of the site. At this point we request in writing the acceptance of the site layout in terms of the look and feel of the site
  • Development – Once the site layout is signed off we commence the development of the entire site and along the way we request further information such as on page content and images. We consult with the customer every step of the way so that we can gauge feedback and adjust where necessary.
  • Final development – The final development stage is where we obtain customer sign off for the fully developed site
  • Go Live – Once sign off for the fully developed site has been obtained we agree a go live date with the customer
  • Full site audit – The site is fully audited and submitted to over 1 engines before finally going live with the site
  • Post Go Live – For 30 days after the go live date we will amend any part of the web design at no additional charge to the customer