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southcoastweb offers various packages for website design that are tailored to suit your needs. Our packages range from a basic landing page site all the way up to a bespoke e-commerce solution. Our web design Poole team will turn your vision into a reality using the latest practices and web technologies available. We will soon be offering mobile phone app development for business websites so make sure to come back and find out what we will be able to offer.

Mobile first

We do not make a site live until it completely passes our in-house responsive test, this will ensure that a website will have complete cross-browser compatibility and work on all devices.

The idea behind this is that it helps to promote a better user experience which as a result will lead to more conversions.

Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report, published on August 6th 2015, found that a third of internet users regarded their smartphone as the main device for accessing the world wide web*.

Due to this report, as seen below in our checklist, we now always make sure that any site which goes live functions and displays correctly on the most popular screen sizes and devices.

How our web design Poole service operates

Our web design Poole team will talk to you throughout the process to ensure that you are happy with how everything is progressing.

They will also suggest ideas where possible if they believe user experience can be improved.

Using your brief and ideas we can, from scratch, create a website which we know will exceed your expectations.

Brochure and E-commerce Websites

Our brochure and e-commerce sites utilise the latest web technologies to ensure that they stay relevant and future-proof, we can also offer CMS (Content Management System) driven websites which run off the popular platform WordPress.


HTML 5 can be considered to be the skeleton of the website and acts as the actual source code of the page you view.


We use CSS3 to improve the look and feel of the site so that users aren’t scared off by the bare bones of the HTML page.


PHP is a scripting language and as such is used to generate content on the website before the page loads to make sure it’s all there ready for the user to browse through.


A lot of what we use Javascript for is validating elements on a webpage and providing additional functionality.


We use SQL (Structured Query Language) on database driven sites, typically e-commerce, to help the website manage orders and store products in a database.

Extra benefits

When you work with South Coast Web on a web design project you will get various extra benefits that makes the service even more unique, here are just a few things that you can expect:

  • 1 years free web hosting
  • 1 years free domain management (for new domains and transfers to us)
  • 30 days post project adjustments
  • Professional e-mail accounts from your domain
  • A free technical audit

Post project care

We run every website we create through a site audit to ensure the site will perform the best it can, this includes a basic SEO setup to ensure your site has the potential to gain online visibility.

Here is a brief snippet of the checklist that we use to ensure your website meets our quality guidelines:

  • Cross Browser Compatibility – The technologies and practices we deploy allow your site to work and function perfectly across the following browsers; Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Opera, Firefox and the new Edge browser.
  • Setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools which allows you to track and monitor website traffic and conversions.
  • Setup Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Add robots.txt to all new sites and add relevant disallows to help promote a healthy crawl rate for the Googlebot.
  • Add a XML sitemap to your site to help search engine crawlers navigate your site with more efficiency.
  • Add a HTML sitemap to help promote a healthy user journey across your site.
  • Submit your XML sitemap to both Bing and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Ensure adequate cookie policy is displayed on the site.
  • Perform a responsive check on your site to make sure it displays and functions correctly across the most popular screen sizes and devices.

Customers also receive 30 days of post project care in case they would like to make modifications to the site. You can extend this service if you would like ongoing support with your new website. We also have a dedicated support system to make sure you are never without help. Once final payment has been made you will own the site design 100%. We are a local business so if ever the need arises you can always pop into our offices to have a chat and a nice cup of tea.

If you would like to discuss our web design services further then please get in touch through the contact form below or give us a call on 01202 665855.

*This post uses statistics from trusted sources:


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