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If it’s a website you’re after, southcoastweb offers the perfect solution for you. We can offer you the best development, SEO and web design Dorchester and the UK can offer you. Our team of website experts are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and proud to deliver you websites that can give you everything you need. Give us a call on 01202 665855 to enquire into a website package today!

A Little About southcoastweb

Here at southcoastweb, we are a growing web design company that specialises in web design, development, E-commerce and SEO; all with their own departments. We have years of experience when it comes to delivering you the best web design in Dorchester and we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, professional service to all our customers. We don’t speak to you in fancy jargon; we talk to you in a language that you’d understand fully so you know exactly what’s going on with your website as we like to keep you up to date on the process.

Our Web Design Features

When building a website, there are a few elements that are key to creating and maintaining a fully functioning website:

  • Mobile Friendly – With mobiles leading desktops for usage, it’s imperative that websites look and work great on a mobile phone. Because of this, our web designers use a mobile-first approach as we know how important it is that your customers can reach your website on the go.
  • Unique, Personalised Designs – To get your website to stand out, you need unique, visually appealing designs that are personalised for you and your business. Many designers will overload your website with lots of colours and pictures that crowd a page and gives it a slow loading speed. Our designers give you the perfect balance between colour and speed. We think about the kind of audience that you want to capture and put ourselves in their shoes and create designs that would be visually appealing to them that offer the perfect functionality.
  • Website Maintenance – When you’ve had a website made by us, our team of designers and developers are on hand to help you with an issue that may arise and make changes when necessary.
  • SSL Encryption – If you have an E-commerce website and are storing customer information on your website, you need SSL encryption to ensure that all their details are protected. We will make sure we get this certificate for your website, so you are HTTPS instead of HTTP to ensure your website is secure.
  • Quick Loading Speed – If your website doesn’t load within five seconds, people have been known to click off your website and go to the next search result within Google if it doesn’t load quick enough. Our designers know how to build your website perfectly to give you a quick loading speed to ensure you are ranked high within the search engines in addition to customers staying on your website.

Ranking High Within Search Engines

Not only can southcoastweb give you the most appealing, functioning web design Dorchester can offer, but we can ensure that your website is seen by the audience you want to target. We do this through SEO; search engine optimisation. We will target keywords that your audience will type into the search engine and we’ll make sure that you are ranked highly for these so people will click on your website through the search engine. We have a separate team for SEO, however, our design team will design your website with SEO in mind. They don’t just add any old features to your website, they add features that will get you ranked highly and work closely with the SEO team.

Getting Your Website in Dorchester

Once you’ve decided that you need a website, southcoastweb will provide you with your web design in Dorchester. We are close by, based in Poole, and are happy to come and meet you at a place that is convenient for you. If you would like more information on the packages that we have to offer, give us a call on 01202 665855 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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