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The Unlucky Scammer Mar 20

Hi, my name is Rob and I look after all sales and project management here at South Coast Web Design. We often receive contact requests at the weekend from small business owners wanting further information regarding our web design and development services. Most of the time this is a pleasant and fruitful start to a business relationship with a ‘real’ client…

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SEO Fast – CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation Feb 15

CRO or conversion rate optimization, is all about looking at user feedback data to improve the overall performance of the website, making customers feel more engaged while also more inclined to buy your products. Although this is not exactly the same in SEO as they get their clicks through organic search results and keywords that drive the traffic to site, but it still can be as beneficial to websites for keeping customers.


SEO Fast – Keywords and Keyword Research! Feb 09

There are over 1 billion websites on the web, when you want to find something search engines have to sift through thousands of pages in under a second to present suggestions to you, all these pages are stored in one big database. So how do you make your website appear on the front page of the search engine or one of the top ranked when someone types in your product?

K e y w o r d s !


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10 Great and Quirky Ideas from Awesome Websites for 2018 Jan 24

Have you ever come across a great looking site? Or even a site that just made you think “that was great” or “different”? Well the idea of this post is to make you more aware that there are lots of great ideas that you can create. Don’t feel like you ever have to stick with one idea, change it up a bit incorporate some of these absolutely awesome website design ideas.


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Laura Bingham – Case Study Jan 11

About the customer:

Natural born adventurer, Laura Bingham, left home at 18 years of age to explore the earth and its kaleidoscope of cultures.

Laura travelled through the Greek Islands, Continental Europe, Africa, Asia and North/Central America before eventually landing in Mexico where she taught English and undertook challenging conservation work to protect the endangered Jaguar.

Challenging herself even further Laura, and a crew of two men and a cat, sailed back home to England across the Atlantic in a 38ft Trimaran.

Laura became known in 2016 when she cycled across South America with no money to raise money and awareness for a children’s charity in Paraguay called ‘Operation South America’.


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How to kill a MySql process using phpMyAdmin Nov 20


MySql Quick Tip

This is just a quick tip on how to kill a MySql process that has become stuck.

This sometimes occurs when an update/create command on a large amount of database entries.

Firstly login to phpmyadmin and find the appropriate database.

Select the SQL tab and in the window enter :


This will then show all currently running MySql processes.

Just find the process that is stuck and press the <Kill> text to finish that process.

Hopefully this quick tip may help.

Php Website Scanner – find injected files, added files and updated files Mar 25

As website developers,

we all hope the day does not come when a client phones to tell you that their website has been hacked, or weird popups are appearing, or worse still the web hosting company has taken their site offline.

Well recently a clients WordPress site that we have just inherited was hacked, (just to be clear it was not a site we wrote or even host, we have just been given the site when their last developers closed).

So the first thing to do is browse through all the weird .php files that have popped up and insure they are not injected code.

Realistically the site will need to redone completely on the latest version of WordPress or Joomla.

The question is:
What is there to warn us of the possible file injection?

And the answer:
Well not a huge amount. I googled about and a lot of scripts on Github ran from SSH, or others were quite heavy in cost.