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Top Web Design Trends for 2017 Feb 09

Top Web Design Trends for 2017

The web is forever changing, every year developers and designers alike have to constantly fight with new and upcoming technologies to learn them before anyone else in order to stay ahead of the game.

More specifically, in this post, we will be looking at upcoming web design trends for 2017 that will be highly prevalent across a large portion of the worldwide web.

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How Web Widgets Affect SEO Feb 18

When inserting web widgets one must consider the potential impact on SEO as a lot of client side widgets are not visible to search engine crawlers due to the fact that they are rendered in Flash or Javascript.

However in recent years Google has developed and improved their crawlers to better understand Javascript content and this has lead to a lot more indexed and ranking content that webmasters weren’t aware of.


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Jquery Select2 v4 Ajax/PHP Tutorial Jun 14

Jquery logoSince my last tutorial on the Select2 Jquery  plugin using remote data loaded using Ajax and PHP has been so successful, I am updating the tutorial to work with the newer Version 4 plugin.

If you dont know what the Select2 plugin is : Its a Jquery plugin to turn an input/select field into a dropdown select box with searchable and stylable features.

Head over to to find out more. more…

Use GeoIP to find user location with PHP Jul 20

Good afternoon,

Just recently whilst working on our new website : Car Catcher UK I had to create an area for website users to enter their postcode.

Obviously for the search option to work to its fullest we made this a required field and also added a distance dropdown.

but that meant when we land on that page we would have no way of getting the initial results easily.

So i went looking around for ideas. At first i decided to set a default location of Central London and get the longtitude and lattitude of that.

This was fine but i wanted to go a little bit further.


Server Update Feb 21

Due to a new SSHD rootkit which is circulating we are ensuring all of our systems are fully updated and booted into the latest kernels.
We appoligize in advance if any services go down during the update…

All updates are now done.

Export Messages From Mail to Excel With AppleScript Feb 11

apple script iconMy Eldest Daughter was sat at home today when I got home from work copy-pasting emails from her yahoo mailbox into an excel sheet. She needed the email in this format for some part of her work and she was on email 157 of 656 and also on her 6th hour. The spreadsheet needed to comprise of Date Sent, From, Subject and message. So I walked in and said that

why did nt she just export from yahoo to excel ?


Jquery SELECT2 v3 Ajax/PHP Tutorial Feb 10

Jquery logo

A little tutorial on the Select2 JQUERY Plugin with a BASIC AJAX response via a PHP script.
On a recent project I was looking for an autocomplete jquery plugin that acts like a select box. The reason i need it as a select box is to prevent incorrect data choice. At first i was running the great jquery-ui plugins and using the autocomplete via a text box and retrieving data via ajax and json.
However I soon discovered that my clients could type data in the textbox and if the answer was not on the autoselect it added the text they have typed. Now when trying to search through a database for results this caused me a bit of a headache.
So i plodded over to Google and looked for an alternative. more…