SEO Fast - Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO or conversion rate optimization, is all about looking at user feedback data to improve the overall performance of the website, making customers feel more engaged while also more inclined to buy your products. Although this is not exactly the same in SEO as they get their clicks through organic search results and keywords that drive the traffic to site, but it still can be as beneficial to websites for keeping customers.

What does CRO mean and what does it do?

To make things a little simpler conversion is a fancy term for a visitor completing a site goal small or big for example, if you’re an ecommerce site your end goal is to make the user purchase an item this isn’t your only goal mind, there are lots of other goals you can also achieve. Ecommerce or not all sites should have goals to gain more conversions, these conversions can be separated into two categories, macro-conversions and micro-conversions.

A macro conversion are bigger interactions and examples can be things such requesting a quote, subscribing to a service or even as previously stated, buying an item from said site. A micro-conversion are operations not as big such as signing up for emails, creating an account or as simple as adding a product to the cart.

So we know the term and we know some examples but how do we get a conversion rate?

It’s simple, a little bit of maths but don’t let that put you off. A sites conversion rate is a number which can be worked out by taking the number of conversions had on the site (we’ll use buying a game as an example) divided by the number of unique times a user came to your site.

There are many equations to work out for different things such as if 1 user came to a site what they’re conversion rate would be for example, if there were 2 orders for games but three unique sessions we’d do the calculation as:

2 / 3 which would equal 66%. So, a 66% conversion rate!

Likewise if you just wanted to calculate an overall page of 10,000 session and 1,000 unique orders you do the same equation 1,000/10,000 to which you’d get a 10% conversion rate.

CRO can in fact really benefit SEO even though its not directly related to attracting organic website traffic or even ranking on the top results CRO does have a very distinct benefit for SEO such as ROI, customer insights, better scalability, better user experience and enhanced trust.

ROI or return on investment, makes sure that however much you put in you get that in return, whether it be someone buying something or interaction or just more traffic with more conversions.

Insights, this is all about getting the right customers for your business, so changing things that people from certain groups would enjoy can bring in traffic. CRO particularly helps understanding your audience such as the key words they use which can help SEO providing them the words they can use to find similar customers.

Scalability is about turning users who just brows into buyers. CRO lets you grow without running out resources or potential customers.

Better user experience is very important, if you can make a user feel valued and special, keeping them interacting with a site then they’re more likely to stay and become a potential customer too. CRO can help you see if changes you’ve made are making more people come to the site or are driving them away finding what is best for your website.

Trust, this is the make or break for most ecommerce websites if it doesn’t look trust worthy most people tend to leave very quickly without even giving it the chance to be interacted with or viewed properly. Creating a user-friendly site with lots of reassurance on both reviews on the site to reviews on sites such as yelp gives you a better chance at them giving you their personal information whether it be email for monthly emails or paying for a product.

This was a very quick guide into CRO and some of the many benefits it can have for SEO, we hope you’ve enjoyed it! Don’t forget to check us out for all your web design needs and if you’re interested in learning more we have more ‘Fast SEO’ guides on our blog!

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