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Wanting to receive effective SEO services in Weymouth? SEO is guaranteed to bring more traffic to your website when executed correctly, which ultimately, will result in increased awareness and revenue for your business. Here at southcoastweb, we are a specialist SEO agency that offers SEO services to Weymouth, Dorset and the rest of the UK. Call us on 01202 665855 and we’ll run a free SEO site audit for you.

What is SEO?

SEOstands for Search Engine Optimisation which, simply put, is the position that a website ranks within organic search results. The tops results given are those that search engines deem as most relevant in answering the users’ search query. Naturally, users will click on results that appear on the first page and more predominantly, the top three results. The process of SEOis optimising a website, so that it complies with the guidelines and algorithms of search engines, resulting in the website ranking higher.

SEO in Weymouth

Here at southcoastweb, we have a successful SEO Weymouth service that helps our clients establish the top rankings spots in search engines (we mostly adhere to Google as this is the most widely used search engine).

We work closely with our clients to get an understanding of them, their business and what their customers are ultimately going to search for to find them. Our team will then adapt and optimise the website to get the site to rank highly for the search terms and phrases that will result in a higher volume of customers clicking on to the site; we carefully select these phrases based on competition and search volume.

With our Dorset based office, you can meet our SEOteam over a coffee and have a friendly chat to discuss your SEO requirements.

What we do to Help you Rank in Weymouth

Google and other search engines have complex algorithms that determine your ranking capability and are frequently changing. Even though it frequently changes, there are ways that southcoastweb can influence the rankings and we like to be transparent when it comes to our SEO Weymouth service.


How do you think search engines rank your website? A lot of the ranking ability is based on relevance to what the user is searching for; the information that you are displaying must be relevant. Your relevancy increases with your content. Let’s say for example you want to target ‘web design Weymouth’, you’ll want to write user-friendly piece of content that will help them understand web design and answer questions they may have. You’ll also want to actively display that you offer web design services in Weymouth. With relevant content on your website, Google will crawl your website and link to it Weymouth, resulting in you ranking for ‘web design Weymouth’. This includes techniques such as H tags, meta descriptions, blogs and meta titles.

Search Engine Friendly

Google bots will crawl your website in a certain way. If the bots need to work too hard because your website is over complicated, then it’s unlikely that Google will rank it highly. southcoastweb will optimise your website to ensure that your website is technically and structurally easy for Google to crawl. This includes many features such as mobile-friendly, site speed and an SSL certificate.


How much do search engines trust your website? Authority is a high-ranking factor in search engines and authority increases when search engines deem your site as trustworthy. You can increase authority with the amount of RELEVANT inbound links that you receive. These links are from other websites linking to your site and your content. The search engine will see that you’re recommended by other sites and will, therefore, see that you’re trustworthy and boost your rankings.

southcoastweb will increase your authority, relevance and optimise your website, in addition to other factors to help you rank. SEO is an art that should be monitored regularly to keep you in those top-ranked positions.

Getting SEO in Weymouth

If you want to increase your online visibility in Weymouth and surrounding areas, then southcoastweb can help you achieve this. To enquire into our SEO Weymouth services, call us on 01202 665855 and we’ll talk you through the best stategy for your website.

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