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Are you looking for a local SEO company to boost the traffic to your website? southcoastweb are here to help you; our SEO experts can start you on your journey to promoting your business. Call us today on 01202 665855 to get your free SEO audit and get your website seen.

Why Choose southcoastweb as Your Local SEO Company?

southcoastweb has over 20 years of website experience, so we know what we’re doing here; we offer web development, e-commercedesign plus SEO packages to accompany them. Customers who come to use trust us to get the job done and are always happy with the result:

“Brilliant company in every way. I can trust 100% to deliver exactly what they say they will. If you want a company who provides an honest, friendly, professional and competitive service, southcoastweb should be your first and only choice.”

Our SEO services are second to none and our team always deliver on their promises to get more traffic to your website. We will provide you with a free SEO audit before you choose southcoastweb, so you know exactly what areas your website needs work on. Choosing us as your local SEO company will result in your website getting increased traffic which then leads to an increase in revenue.

Why do you Need SEO?

Websites are becoming an increasingly popular way of getting your business out there and getting revenue in, especially with the internet being the publics first point of call when they need something. You’re a local business and you rely on people typing keywords into Google to find you, but it isn’t as simple as that. There are hundreds, thousands of business’ like yours where the same keywords will apply to them, you need to be at the top, so you can get enough revenue in. To be at the top of Google isn’t an easy feat, this is where SEOcomes in. SEO stands Search engine optimisation, which is where we make sure everything possible is done to get your website further up in the Google rankings, so people are more likely to click onto your website and see your business We do this through content writing and link building to enable your website to stay updated and optimised for Google.

Without SEO, your website is likely to fall further down the rankings whilst your competitors climb up and get all the business that you need. Your local SEO company can get your website to climb the Google rankings which then leads to increased traffic to your website, this then ultimately leads to an increase in revenue.

Not Just SEO at Your Local SEO Company

Alongside SEO southcoastweb are also specialists in web design and development. Every business that has a website needs it to look good and work efficiently before SEO can begin; our designand development team can ensure this for you. southcoastweb can build a new website completely from scratch for you or improve your existing one. Whether it be a full e-commerce website or a small brochure website, our teams’ skills are fantastic in both. Click here for some examples of our work.

Not Just SEO at Your Local SEO Company

Your local SEO company are available on 01202 665855 to answer any information that you may have, or you can call us, so we can start your free SEO audit today. All our team are very friendly and are always happy to hear from you about your wishes for a website. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you start your SEO journey with us.

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