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Get Some Free Apple Stuff Dec 12

We all know how expensive Apple can be compared to PC.
The question is, me being a PC man is which is better ?
Anyway here is a way that you can get some Apple™ Items for just a few FREE referals.
The word FREE sounds good, normally Apple™ & FREE do not go in the same sentence
Just follow the below and it will be on your doorstep within a week or two.
(I am no way affiliated with this site, I just like the FREE stuff!!)
The main site that i use is freebiejeebies
mainly because throughout the forums they seem
to have the best success rate.

First of follow my link to get to the site :-

Now you sign up for a new account (FOR FREE AND SPAM FREE!!)

Simply fill in your details and click go
Now when you sign in you can see the prise you are going for
It also tells you how many referals you need
to get your freebie..

Now you need to sign up for an offer
Any offer but make sure you follow the rules
Most of the offers will not end up costing
Anything more than your time
Now email your friends and relatives
and encourage them to sign up
with the supplied link in refer friends
Once they sign up for a deal you have a referal
`Congratulations you now how a yellow!!`
Once their referal has been accepted
Your yellow turns green

Get A few greens and within five days your doorbell
will ring and you gift has arrived

to display a link like this :

Apple referal hits advert

just simply include the following code

and change the member-id for your reference number


As A New year special I am offering the next 50 people

that sign up and take an offer £5 paid to them by paypal

Yes Folks £5 for doing nothing really…
And get a Freebie too..

If you are interested sign up now and then
email me Once you have completed the referal

Is that an Offer Or What ???
more tutorials will follow

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FREE IPHONE 4!August 20th, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Gotta say, THANK YOU unbelievably for this site!!
Not often you find a decent site which isn’t just trying to scam you nowerdays 😛

I’ve already written it down so I can come back to it! 😀

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