CSS3 Please

This is just a quick pop past as life is so busy at the moment..

A lot of people have been ranting on about CSS 3 and HTML5 but myself i like to do compliant XHTML websites with fully compliant CSS 2.0 .

However over the last few projects I have been blending the odd bit of css3 into my sites with some surprisingly good results.

In my ever more quest for better design, and quicker and easier layouts i was happily scanning good old good, reading a few blog pages
and seeing what new stuff that I can incorporate into my designs.

One site which is now very securly bookmarked is CSS3Please.com
Although this site only scrapes onto some of the capabilities of CSS3 for me, it gives us a great insite into the code.

So my suggestion to you upcoming CSS3 designers is to whizz over and give it a bookmark.

The usuability is great.

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