Web Design in the UK

Web design in the UK has become an increasingly popular service with the demand for designers and developers creating more jobs…

…it is expected that development jobs will increase by 20% from 2012 to 2022, the biggest increase of any profession!

These new job openings help the economy of the UK and reduce unemployment rates. With the demand being so high for a website, many people look to outsourcing from the UK in the hopes of finding cheaper rates.

Although there are some advantages to outsourcing web design such as cheaper rates, here we will discuss why you should have web design in the UK and why outsourcing to another country may not be as good as it seems.

What is Outsourcing Web Design?

Outsourcing is where one company will pay another business to provide goods or services, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business. Companies do this because it can often be cheaper to outsource to another country other than to paying someone in the UK. These are services that would have been previously offered by employees of the company. You may hire a web design company, pay them £50 an hour for work, but they don’t do any of the work themselves as they outsource the work.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Web Design

There are many disadvantages that you may experience with outsourcing web design, such as:

  • Communication gap – This can be one of the biggest misfortunes with outsourcing. There can be many reasons for a communication gap such as a language barrier, time zone difference, no face to face meetings and a lack of understanding one another’s schedule.
  • Time – Because of communication errors, your web design project could take considerably longer than you first anticipated. Without being able to see them or talk to them regularly, you aren’t to know how your project is coming along in a time efficient manner. Keeping your web design in the UK allows you to have a web designer that you can meet face to face with and call/email at the time that is suitable to you both, speeding your website along.
  • Losing sensitive data – One of the biggest disadvantages to outsourcing web design to another country can be the loss of sensitive data and confidentiality. Without having a good personal relationship, who knows where your details and data could end up.
  • Problems with quality – If there are no proper processes in place or you’re outsourcing to cheap labour that is inexperienced, then this may show in the quality of the website that has been designed. Web designers in high standing in the UK will have lots of experience which will show through their high-quality work.
  • Hidden costs – Hidden costs and legal problems may arise if the terms and conditions aren’t clearly defined.
  • Loss of UK Jobs – There are so many UK citizens without the job they need; outsourcing to another country will take away a job from a UK citizen.
  • Possibility of outdated technology skills – There’s no knowing what technology they may have access to where they live in another country.

Finding a company that will execute web design in the UK instead of outsourcing worldwide, will ensure that you receive high-quality web design with data protection laws adhered to.

Why is Outsourcing bad for Business?

You may be a company that previously used web design in the UK but like so many others, thought that outsourcing could be a good idea to enable you to make bigger profits. Although this can be true in some cases, there are many risks and it could be bad for your business because:

  • It can result in low-quality and brand damaging design – Outsourcing can be cheap because they cut corners to get the job done as quickly as possible. Your customers may notice this which can have an impact on your company brand for quality.
  • Lack of data protection laws – Sharing your own and customers personal information, you never know who might end up with that information as there may be a lack of data protection laws present and you could be held liable for sharing personal information.
  • You may be supporting slave labour – An extreme case, but people outsource as it’s known to provide cheap labour. It’s very difficult to tell whether you are helping slave labour to continue with your outsourcing as you don’t know who exactly could be executing the work for you.
  • Everyone is doing it – With many web designs companies thinking this is the best strategy, you lose your competitive edge and can’t differentiate yourself from others. Why not think of different ways to keep web design in the UK to make better profits?

There’s no guarantee that all of these will happen or even if one will happen, but these are ways that outsourcing could be bad for your business. Sticking with web design in the UK will ensure that you cut out the possible risks associated with outsourcing.

Advantages of Hiring a Local Web Design Agency in the UK

Now we’ve gone over why you shouldn’t choose to outsource as a company and as a customer, we’re now going to talk about why you should choose web design in the UK:

  • Face to face meetings – Hiring local web design in the UK means that you can arrange a face to face meeting to discuss the progress of your website. Nothing is better than being able to meet the face behind your website and it cuts out any miscommunication errors.
  • Post-launch and support services – Upon completion of your web design in the UK, the UK agency will usually provide you with a support deal afterwards which will cover any issues after the project has been signed off and may include web hosting.
  • Security and confidence – The security and confidence you will receive from a local agency in the UK won’t be matched from an outsourced company. You can find examples of previous work and you have a whole host of recommendations and reviews to look at, therefore, you know you’re using a company that you’re confident will produce great results.
  • On time and budget – On paper, outsourcing seems cheaper and quicker but there are often many delays and hidden costs that you didn’t originally expect which can make it more expensive than a UK based company. A UK company will give you a price for your entire budget and a deadline for completion.

There is no right or wrong answer as to whether you should outsource or use web design in the UK as there advantages and disadvantages associated with both, however, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional web design agency in the UK who do all their work in-house, then southcoastweb is here to help.

How much does Web Design in the UK Cost?

Web design prices in the UK vary greatly for each website, as all websites have different functionalities and systems built into them that prices can vary from a simple £200, all the way through to £30,000 and upwards for a large complex website. When you propose your website to a web design company, they will likely give you an estimated number of hours that the project will take and charge you per hour on the estimated amount. These prices can range from about £50 to £90 an hour.

How will Web Design Help me and my Business?

You’ve read through why you should get web design in the UK, but why should you get a website in the first place?

Did you know that 81% of people conduct research before buying a product or service?

This research is predominately done through the internet using search engines to answer their queries. If your company offers the product or service that the searcher is looking for, then your website could appear within these search results and the searcher may choose you for their needs based on your website. Without a website, you won’t get the presence you need to become widely successful. In fact, more people now order their products and services online instead of traditional methods; this a lot of potential customers that your business will miss out on without a website.

Professional web design in the UK can provide you with a fully functioning website that will allow your business to gain credibility, more customers, awareness and a way for people to contact you.

Getting your Web Design in the UK

If you’ve decided on getting your web design in the UK, then you’re going to need the best web design company in the UK to ensure you receive the website that you desire. Call southcoastweb on 01202 665855 and we can begin designing your website.

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