10 Quirky Ideas from Awesome Websites for 2018

Have you ever come across a great looking site? Or even a site that just made you think “that was great” or “different”? Well the idea of this post is to make you more aware that there are lots of great ideas that you can create. Don’t feel like you ever have to stick with one idea, change it up a bit incorporate some of these absolutely awesome website design ideas.

One awesome infinite scroll adventure
For the first great site we go to Alice in Wonderland, not literally but Hiddencity “The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat” do have an awesome advertisement for an adventure/hunt around London with each downward scroll you move a little bit around a somewhat interactive world with stylised wonderland parts. It is a great way to give information about the tour keeping to the same fantasy theme without giving anything away or being overwhelming. The other pages of the site are plain but effective and do well to fit the rest of the theme.

Beautiful films beautiful site
Tao Tajima has a beautiful site, off the bat you’re greeted with some cinematography which is breath taking and as you explore all his wonderful works you get a real feeling for his work whether it be for clients, private work or just his own. There is also a convenient hamburger menu if you have trouble with the arrows it also has some useful links to his Facebook.

Sometimes we need to have fun
This one site from Adult Swim caught me off guard when looking for interesting web pages. You are greeted by a very shocked looking guy which you can pull around and contort into weird shapes all while his eyes follow your cursor. Definitely not the most informative page sure, but great for small laugh and some fun if you’re glued to your monitor, it also shows off some pretty great wobble physics which just adds to the humour value. Thanks for something a little different elastic man.

Back down the rabbit hole we go
Once again we came across another website themed on Wonderland called Alice’s Adventures Underground this site is like an old point and click game giving you a lot to click! The first thing you’re met with upon entering the site are two doors one for kids and one for adults, as you click on a door you’re then taken into a room where things such as the “About” and “F&Q” are attached to items in the room, which are animated to highlight and pop up a tag that give you a name a very ingenious way that relates to the scene this portrays. One other nice touch is the ladder which gives you a short animation of a character falling such as Alice. However, if you need to get to a piece of information quickly or can’t find something there is a menu that you can use to navigate from.

One site… Fits all?
Adidas created a nice way of showing off products using a 360 page, allowing you to view the entire thing top to bottom. It gives you a great idea of the shoe shape which is especially helpful for people that have difficulty finding decent fit, not only that but it also lets you have an in depth look at the design.

Animated quiz
Lady Bird is a film and this site promotes it using cinematography and a rather cute little quiz. A lot of quizzes and quiz sites are either click and continue or a slideshow, this one however does it a little differently. Once it’s loaded up you have a deck of cards form and a question in the top right “What memories of home do you cherish” and on the cards, you can “take it” or “leave it” the cards are fairly humorous and related to the film, you can then grab and drag them to either side and some have movie scenes attached.

“UPS! I did it again”
Delivery Day is a game made forUPS simply matching parcels to houses. It’s a fun small game that people enjoyed, it’s just like the repetitive nature of Candy Crush. It looks pretty good and responsive too which just gives it a nice polished feeling even for something so small.

Scratch that
The Yay Brigade has created a yearly ‘cycle’ of their favourite albums conveniently called Favourite Albums to which they display them like a record with appropriate cover art. It’s only been doing it for two years, but their site is pretty nice, showcasing all sorts of music from two perspectives. It’s very simple but stylish, a great place to come if you want to explore and find other music.

Odra is a site created by Marpi to feature most liked experimental underwater music which you can listen to all while your cursor is being followed by little creatures. This site also spans into a lot of other demo pages that you can mess around with but a lot of music tracks so it’s fun to explore. Odra particularly has a certain flowy movement to it which makes the underwater theme fit even better each song. It even has its own colour scheme and creature per song!

Famoustache is a site to do with famous moustaches which you can interact with from Borat to Charlie Chaplin, to even Einstein. The site may be simple and cute but well worth a visit just to mess with a few ‘staches.

We hope you enjoyed these fun and gorgeous websites and their design ideas. It’s always worth checking out what people are doing and things that you can incorporate with your website such as 360-degree rotation for products or promotional videos over static text. Make sure to check us out for your web design needs at South Coast Web.

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