Return Tracker

About Return Tracker

Whilst running a wholesale business a few years ago the Director at Return Tracker became frustrated with the amount of returns he was getting and how long it would take his team to process them. After searching around for an elegant solution he found that no off-the-shelf product existed that could solve his problem. So in 2012 he sought out South Coast Web to help him develop an online system, over the next 18 months we developed the first version of Return Tracker and the returns department at Return Tracker was transformed. Their staff had gone from being weeks behind to having a completely clean and tidy returns area, all thanks to Return Tracker.
Then in 2017 we brought the system right up to date using the latest HTML5 and PHP web technologies and it has now evolved into the ultimate returns management solution for wholesales and multi-branch retail outlets.

After developing the system they required a website to promote their new system.

About The Project

The objective of the project was to create a website so that the client can communicate the purpose, the functions and tell the story behind the system
From this the main project requirements was to create a comprehensive website which shows prospective clients exactly how the Return Tracker system works and it's benefits
The website would be a slick and functional brochure style website, taking into mind the current design for the Return Tracker system
The design was to include contact form and enquiry options for the end client to be able to find out more about the system as the system was still in development