Lola Electrical

Lola Electrical SEO Case Study

Lola Electrical are an electrician company based in London offering a huge range of electrical services across the London area. Liam from Lola electrical got in touch with South Coast Web after another companies recommendation and being dissatisfied with the service he was receiving from his current SEO provider.

When Lola Electrical moved over to us they were ranking in position 1 for many keywords in and around the London area, however, it wasn’t until closer inspected that nearly all of these keywords had zero search volume and we’re not bringing any traffic to Lola Electricals’ website.

Lola Electrical Analytics

Lola Electrical Google Search Console Performance Graph.
Blue shows clicks. Green shows impressions. March 2018 – February 2019.


Impressions in Google have increased from 1.64k in May to 22.7k in January
Website was receiving hardly any traffic before starting SEO with us in August 2018, fast forward to January 2019 and Lola Electrical receives many enquiries each month
Lola Electrical gained a major contract after the company found them through Google


The main challenge when working on Lola Electricals’ SEO campaign is the nature of the competitive area that they operate in; being a London based electrical company brings a large customer base, however, it also brings a higher number of competitors.

We also found that the top ranking positions on high search volume keywords were dominated by key industry players and therefore we implemented a strategy to target a range high volume and lower volume keywords to gain an instant increase in traffic to the website.



Lola Electrical’s keyword rankings continue to grow in an ever competitive market, as well as achieving a continued growth in the website’s traffic.

South Coast Web are currently in the process of redesigning and launching a new and updated website for Lola Electrical which we hope will improve some technical aspects that are restricting the ranking ability of the website as well as increase their contact form conversion rate.